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We provide our clientele with a full-range HRM consultancy service, that ensures the fluid integration of comprehensive HRM support systems.

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What to expect from our Human Resource Management?

We provide clients with a full-range HRM consultancy service that ensures the syncing of HRM support with the short, medium and long-term formulation and implementation of strategic objectives of the organisation.  We cover, among others: HRM Strategies; Organisational Development; Competency Frameworks; Job Profiles; Policies and Procedures; Business Processes Re-engineering; Work Volume Analysis; Performance Management Systems and Moderation; Skills Audits; Accredited LED Training; and Job Evaluation.

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We're an organisation with strong business management systems, that are continually updated and improved for consistent optimal results.

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We use the service-profit chain to determine frameworks that lead to efficient customer service programmes.

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Municipality Consulting

We work with municipalities in establishing innovative solutions that cater to their respective stakeholders and members of that community.

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