Management Contracts & Project Management

We also provide mentoring and coaching services to operational staff to ensuring proper implementation to achieve desired results.

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What to expect from our Management Contracts & Project Management?

Our competency is on performing diagnoses to determine the fundamental impediments to operational efficiency and achievement of outcomes or results, and recommending fitting solutions and the means to attain desired positions.  We also provide mentoring and coaching services to operational staff to ensure proper implementation to achieve stated results.

Support services cover the day-to-day management of support functions and business entities, such as:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Drivers License Testing Centres
  • Motor Vehicle Registering Authorities
  • Fleet Management
  • Project Management Units

We help people and organisations deliver projects effectively by:

  • Demystifying project management with professionals at all levels
  • Developing core skills – of project managers, their teams and project sponsors
  • Providing written guidelines and protocols for staff to deliver projects in consistent and effective way
  • Helping those involved in the project management process to recognise the need to further develop their people skills as well as their project management skills
  • Delivering practical project management training

Experience results that speak for themselves.

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